“What Comes Next” // forthcoming in Bayou Magazine

“The Horse I Would Have Chosen” // forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“Lazarus Season” // forthcoming in The Maine Review

“Cherry Season” // forthcoming in Jellyfish Review

“Our Lauras” // forthcoming in Two Hawks Quarterly

“Space Coast” // forthcoming in The Piltdown Review

“The Public Is Invited to See the Yew Trees in Full Fruit at This Time” // forthcoming in Indiana Review

“Epithalamion with Missing Groom” // forthcoming in Cave Wall

“Bonnet Man and the Invisible Moths of Franklin County” // forthcoming in Green Briar Review

“The Eider Keepers” // forthcoming in Southern Indiana Review

“Cary/Carrie” // forthcoming in The Lindenwood Review

“To the man who tried to grab my face through the car’s open window” // forthcoming in JuxtaProse

“Coming Back from the Wedding” // forthcoming in Equinox