Anthologized & Reprinted Poems

“Enceladus Considers Cassini” in Beyond Earth’s Edge: The Poetry of Spaceflight ed. Julie Swarstad Johnson and Christopher Cokinos (University of Arizona Press, 2020)

“Spectral Evidence” in The Ending Hasn’t Happened Yet, ed. Hannah Soyer (Sable Books, forthcoming)

“Dead Reckoning” in Poem of the Moment, an online series by Mass Poetry

“I overhear a boy humming ‘Jolene’ as he practices long division” in The Hard Work of Hope, an online series by Mass Poetry

“Pneumonia” in The Cumberland River Review: The First Five Years (2018)

“Psalm 121 at the Continental Divide” and “Blue Alligator” in Voices From the Attic (Volume 27, forthcoming)

Poems in Journals

“Abyssal” // forthcoming in At Length

“To the woman at the NASCAR race cheering only for the winless drivers” and “Foreign Affairs” // forthcoming in Electric Literature’s The Commuter

“To the woman weighing lemons at the grocery store” // forthcoming in Moist Poetry Journal

“An Aubade” // forthcoming in Driftwood

“My son says that on his birthday he will wake up early” // forthcoming in West Trestle Review

“The stranger” // forthcoming in Rogue Agent

“Church” // forthcoming in Notre Dame Review

“Footnotes for an Essay on Submersion” // forthcoming in Muzzle

“Night Ocean” and “In Another Life, You Live” and “Eve and Bridget Bishop Whisper on Gallows Hill” // forthcoming in Nimrod (Finalist for The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry)

“Just Another One of Those Things” and “Cigarettes after Sex” // forthcoming in UCity Review

“The Astronauts Hope to Be Translated Soon” // forthcoming in Whale Road Review

“Eve Grinds Pigments for Artemisia Gentileschi” and “Eve and Psyche Arrive for a Shift at the Mirror Factory” and “Eve Condoles with the Rokeby Venus after the Suffragette Slashing” // forthcoming in House Mountain Review

“Northwest” and “Paris, Early Summer at the Fontaine Saint-Michel” // forthcoming in The Ilanot Review

“My Son Asks if I Would Rather Live in a House Infested by Bees or a House Infested by Koalas” // forthcoming in Southeast Review

“The Builder” // forthcoming in Limp Wrist

“Walking Alone” // Foundry (Issue Fifteen, Fall 2021)

“To My Friend in Spring” // forthcoming in The National Poetry Review

“The Storerooms” and “Seven Offerings for a Friend in New York” // forthcoming in Psaltery & Lyre

“Storm Warning” // SWWIM Every Day (October 2021)

“Blueshift” // Plume (September 2021)

“Sycorax and Bertha Mason Scale a Mountain” // Smartish Pace Issue 28 (Summer 2021) [Finalist for Beullah Rose Prize]

“My Son Is a Quantum Particle” // One Issue 24 (August 2021)

“In the Distance” // Ninth Letter Online (Summer 2021: Distanced)

“A Valediction For Mourning” // DIALOGIST (August 2021)

“Frost Heaves,” “Questions about Bisexuals, #4” and “Do Not Fail to Yield” //  Shenandoah (Volume 70, Issue 2, Spring 2021)

“The Holy Pines” //  Sporklet 16 (Summer 2021)

“In Shaker Heights They Culled the Elms” // Radar Poetry (Issue 30, June 2021)

“Eve Considers Cezanne’s The Basket of Apples” // forthcoming in The Massachusetts Review (Volume 62, Issue 2: A Gathering of Poets, June 2021) [print]

“Listening to Ralph Vaughan Williams on a Tuesday Night” // River Mouth Review (Issue 7: Poetics, May 2021)

“Island Living” // Atticus Review (April 2021)

“Essay on Erosion” // Kahini Quarterly (April 2021)

“At the Columbus Park of Roses” // Valparaiso Poetry Review (Volume XXII, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2021)

“On a school morning in mid-October” // Southern Indiana Review (Volume 27, Issue 2, Fall 2020)

“Convent” and “Hip Check” //  On The Seawall (May 11, 2021)

“The Patron Saint of Soldiers Too” // Cherry Tree Issue 7 (2021)

“I-80 Haibun” // Rise Up Review (February 2020)

“I overhear a boy humming ‘Jolene’ while he practices long division” // Limp Wrist Issue 2 (19 January 2021)

“April 18, five inches of snow” //  phoebe 50.1 (January 2021) [print]

“Travelers” and “Young Wine” // Twyckenham Notes (Issue 12, Winter 2020)

“Curation” // Porter House Review (November 2020)

“Night Baseball” // The Hopkins Review (Volume 13.4, Fall 2020) [print]

“Flowers for the Virgin” and “Watertown” // 32 Poems (Volume 18, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2020) [print]

“Soon Enough” // Pedestal (86.2, Summer 2020)

“Reading Szymborska under a Harvest Moon” //  Michigan Quarterly Review (Issue 59:3, Summer 2020) [print]

“Clam Diggers” //  Prime Number Magazine (Issue 179, July-September 2020)

“Dear Dr. Park, it’s June again” //  Anesthesiology (Volume 133, No. 2, August 2020) [print]; appeared online March 2, 2020

“No Names” // Thrush (May 2020)

“Epithalamion with Missing Groom” // Cave Wall (Number 16, Winter 2019/Spring 2020) [print]

“Questions about Bisexuals, #2” // Contemporary Verse 2 (Volume 42, Issue 4, Spring/Printemps 2020) [print]

“Eve and Johnny Appleseed Sift Through Ohio Pomace” “Eve Visits the Aquarium Where a Green Anaconda Has Just Given Birth via Parthenogenesis” and “Eve Makes a Target for William Tell” // Cagibi (Issue 10, April 2020)

“Somewhere a shark” and “In Your Copy of Akhmatova’s Poems” //  Sugar House Review (Vol. 11, 2019) [print]

“Saint Agnes Meets a Hawk on the River’s Edge” //  The Shore (Issue 4, Winter 2019)

“The Glass Museum” // The Comstock Review (Volume 33, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2019) [print]

“Argent” and “Track Listing: 2008” // Figure 1 (Issue 3.c, December 2019)

“Suite: Anna Votova” // The Cincinnati Review (Volume 16, Number 2, Fall 2019) [print]

“Self-Portrait as Cedar Chest” // Cutbank Online (All Accounts & Mixture, November 2019)

“Rhododendrons” // The Worcester Review (Volume 40, Nos. 1 & 2, 2019) [print] *Winner of the Frank O’Hara Prize, selected by Rachel McKibbens*

“April Ghazal” //  Nightjar (Issue 7, September 2019)

“Trivia” // The Fiddlehead (No. 281, Autumn 2019) [print]

“At Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge” and “To a friend offended when I text her instead of calling” // Peauxdunque Review (Issue 2, 2019) [print]

“The Anchorite to Rising Seas” //  Beloit Poetry Journal (Volume 69, Number 2, Fall 2019) [print]

“Skin” // Sixth Finch (Summer 2019)

“At the Dead Mothers Motel” // Gingerbread House 37 (July 2019)

“Tornado Drill, St. Gregory the Great” //  Iron Horse Literary Review (Volume 21, Issue 2, 2019) [print]

“Crohn’s Disease” // The Comstock Review (Volume 33, Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2019) [print]

“Regression” // Animal (June 2019)

“Coming Back from the Wedding” //  Equinox (Volume 2, June 2019)

n miles from Wall Drug” //  Pasque Petals (Volume 90:4, Spring 2019) [print]

“The Eider Keepers” //  Southern Indiana Review (Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 2019) [print]

“Lazarus Season” // The Maine Review (Issue 5.1, Spring 2019) [print]

“The Sleepers” //  Alexandria Quarterly (Volume 5, Spring 2019)

“Spectral Evidence” //  sidereal magazine (Issue 5, May 2019)

“St. Jude, We Need to Talk About America” //  The Thing Itself  (Issue 46, Spring 2019)

“To the man who tried to grab my face through the car’s open window” // JuxtaProse  (Volume 19, March 2019) *Honorable Mention, JuxtaProse Poetry Prize*

“The Horse I Would Have Chosen” //  Glass: A Journal of Poetry (January 2019)

“Dead Reckoning”* and “Geography Lessons” //  FIELD 99 (Fall 2018) [print] *”Dead Reckoning” featured as Mass Poetry’s Poem of the Moment, January 2020

“Nine Minutes in June” // The Louisville Review (Issue 84, Fall 2018) [print] *Winner of the Writer’s Block Prize in Poetry, selected by Maggie Smith*

“Hymn in My Sickness” // Rogue Agent (Issue 44, November 2018) *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize*

“Lilacs” // Off the Coast (Winter 2018)

“Horse Latitudes” //  The Baltimore Review (Fall 2018)

“Interlopers” // MAYDAY (Issue 13, Summer 2018)

“The Sphinx” // America (August 9, 2018; Vol. 219, Num. 4, August 20, 2018 [print])

“Cleopatra in the Flesh” //  Southword: New International Writing (35, August 2018) [print]

“Elementary” //  Lunch Ticket (Issue 13, Summer/Fall 2018)

“Midlife” //  The Shallow Ends (June 14, 2018)

“Old War Machine” //  The Rush (Issue 4, June 2018)

“Mother’s Aubade” and “Playroom Canticle” // Tar River Poetry (Volume 57, Number 2, Spring 2018) [print]

“Enceladus Considers Cassini” //  The Greensboro Review (Spring 2018, Number 103) [print]

“How the Moose Mourn Their Dead” and “Spring Triptych” //  Virga Issue 3 (Spring 2018)

“John Donne and Leonard Cohen at the End of the World” //  Booth (February 9, 2018; Print Issue 12, Spring 2018)

“The Bus Driver” and “Dear Fox Who Patrols Our Yard at Night” // Gravel (February 2018)

“Love Poem with Fiddlehead Ferns” // Calamus Journal Issue 14 (January 1, 2018)

“Saint Ursula Advises Emily Dickinson” // Gulf Stream Issue 19 (December 2017)

“Prayer” // Frontier Poetry (November 10, 2017)

“Bridges in Winter” //  The Worcester Review (Volume 38, Nos. 1 &2, Fall 2017) [print]

“Pneumonia” // Cumberland River Review (6.3, July 2017); *Nominated for Best of the Net*; anthologized in The Cumberland River Review: The First Five Years

“Leap Day” //  Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine (Spring 2017)

“Election” //  Scoundrel Time (February 27, 2017)

“Home” and “Midsummer” //  Free State Review (Issue 7, 2017) [print]

“Camp Stories” // Constellations (Volume 6: Interference, Fall 2016)

“Iphigenia Leaving Tauris” // America (Vol. 215, Issue 16, November 14, 2016) [print]

“Shift” // Bird’s Thumb (Summer 2016 Flash Issue)

“Catherine of Aragon Addresses the Stones” // Hermeneutic Chaos (Issue 12, January 2016) *Jane Lumley Prize 2015 Honorable Mention*