Please click the links below for pages with audio versions of these pieces:

“Northwest” and “Paris, Early Summer at the Fontaine Saint-Michel” // Ilanot Review

“A Valediction For Mourning” // DIALOGIST

“In Shaker Heights They Culled the Elms” // Radar Poetry

“Travelers” and “Young Wine” // Twyckenham Notes

“Soon Enough” // Pedestal

“Reading Szymborska Under a Harvest Moon” // Michigan Quarterly Review

“Infanta” //  FlashBack Fiction

“The Horse I Would Have Chosen” // Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“Dead Reckoning” // originally published in FIELD; reprinted as Mass Poetry’s Poem of the Moment, with audio recording

“Crepuscular Behavior” // Tahoma Literary Review

“Thanksgiving” // originally published in Tin House Online; featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s State of Wonder (full episode; intro to story begins at 12:08 mark)


“I overhear a boy humming ‘Jolene’ while he practices long division” // originally published in Limp Wrist; video recorded during the Wild & Precious Life Reading Series on 1/19/2021. Intro begins at 21:36.

“Leominster” published in No Contact; video on the “Contactless Readings” page.