I wrote informally about classic and contemporary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction at Rosemary & Reading Glasses from 2013-2017.

When I started the site, I called it “an omnivorous reader’s commonplace book” because I read widely across genres and styles and because book blogs are, in many ways, the modern equivalent of the commonplace book. Readers and writers of centuries past filled these books (which are distinct from diaries) with bits and pieces picked up from books they’d read, speakers they’d heard, recipes they’d tasted. Quotes and advice were often arranged by subject. I used to maintain a physical commonplace book to keep track of what I read, but I’ve come to love the additional sense of community that writing online brings with it.

On Rosemary & Reading Glasses, you’ll find reviews, poetry posts, and the occasional author interview (with writers like Celeste Ng, Andy Weir, and Hailey Leithauser). I’m very fond of giving reading recommendations, solicited and not, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the blog, please feel free to get in touch!